simple line drawing of different network configurations connecting across different places
drawing by jen liu

This CSCW 2022 virtual workshop, spread across two days in time-zone convenient sessions, aims to foster a global community of researchers and practitioners with technical and social science expertise in computer networks. We aim to expand upon and build links between different conversations, and support these with relevant resources . The workshop will discuss: applying social scientific analyses to technology and implementation; social-scientific analysis of the production and governance of networking infrastructure; alternative perspectives on networking; and, intersections of networking practices with political and economic conditions.

The workshop will produce: (1) a shared, extensible bibliography to make the state of the art explicit and inclusive, (2) a compilation of resources to support future work, (3) an agenda of shared goals, challenges, and intentions, and (4) social and organizing infrastructures for continued communication and collaboration.

We especially intend for workshop outputs and collaborations to engage with real-world connectivity initiatives, particularly in support of marginalized groups and Global South communities.

To participate, please fill out this Google form: by Friday, September 30, 2022. Along with your name, affiliations, time zone, and short biography (~100 words), we would like you to upload an image that represents your interest in networks, and a visualisation (poster/slide/other) around which you can talk about your interests for 2 minutes. Please send any questions to

For participants who need financial support to attend the workshop, the Gary Marsden Travel Award provides support for people who are attending ACM SIGCHI conferences and events. The application can be accessed here:

Read the full version of the workshop proposal here:

Important Dates

September 30, 2022: Applications due

October 11, 2022: Notifications of workshop acceptance

November 12 – 13, 2022: Workshops take place virtually at CSCW 2022

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